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About the photos

The photos were taken back in the Summer of 1974 while I was on break from college. I drove out to the course in my 73 MGB to get a view of a 'B' in action. To my surprise there were all types of cars there (pre-internet days of course). British Leyland was there all decked out with their trio of cars. I imagine some of the cars and drivers pictured may have become legends, but then I'll leave that up to those in the know. However, if you do spot someone who went on to make racing history I'd sure be greatful if you'd pass the information on to me. I'll add the comments to the related photo. Well, enjoy!


Walt Taylor


Technical stuff: The photos were copied from negatives using a 2.3 megapixel camera and a dime store lens, so the quality can be improved if need be. Just email me and I'll rescan the negative to modern standards and repost when I find the time. I can also email a photo to you directly.

Disclaimer: This web site is not associated with, or represents the Summit Point Motorsport Park. It was created for personal enjoyment. Copyright 2007


A lot has changed since 1974. For one there is now grass where weeds once grew. The entire course now has the professional look of a seasoned event.